Danish Engineer and Pilot: The Smolensk Crash was not the accident. Several explosions occured.

image001Here 5 years after the disaster the many many pieces of this puzzle are coming together forming a very consistent picture down to the smallest detail. We know from the many independent studies, papers and reports one thing for sure:

This was not the accident. The plane crashed as a result of explosions.

About the official story:

  • The official Russian/Polish story is inconsistent with the laws of physics.
  • The Russian so called ”investigations” including the MAK report are incomplete, full of major errors and not at all trustworthy.
  • The black box radio recordings released by the Russians show clear signs of manipulation.

What data tell us:

  • About 460m before the crash site the plane lost first its left wing tip and then later the middle section in free air at more than 30m height were no obstacles exist.
  • An unmotivated loss of wing in free air has never been reported for the 1000 TU‐154’s each flying millions of miles in all types of weather, leading to the only one likely possibility: The use of explosives.
  • The wing tip shows clear signs of being cut by directional type of explosives mounted at the only one possible position inside the wing tank at a 20 deg angle to the direction of flight.
  • The tail was cut from the fuselage just above the ground.
  • The majority of the people on board were killed by a number of explosions following the wing ground contact breaking the plane into 20.000 to 60.000 pieces without the formation of a crater.
  • The pilots did the correct approach, prepared and initiated correctly the go‐around above 72m height as they called.

As Independent Investigator :

I strongly regret the Polish Government (Komorowski/Tusk/Kopac) from the very beginning and consistently has obstructed the investigations using the Miller and Lasek commissions as useful agents.

I encourage the coming President of Poland to lay down the Lasek group and take the following simple actions:

  1. Establish an honest International Investigation Team.
  2. Demand the Russians return the wreckage and black boxes to Poland.
  3. To openly publish the full amount of data from the TAWS/FMS black box system which is in the hands of the Americans.
  4. Investigate the security breaks and the Polish cooperation with the Russians and hold the participants responsible. This includes investigations of the roles of Donald Tusk and Bronislaw Komorowski.

I encourage they the President and the Polish main stream media:

  1. Treat the families of the victims with respect and seek every means to get to the bottom of this assassination.
  2. Allow for a balanced and fair coverage of this important topic with access to media for information in opposition to the official government story.

Danish Engineer and Pilot Glenn A. Jørgensen has a Master of Science degree within Fluid Dynamics from the Danish Technical University from 1988. When he started his investigations 3 years ago, he had no relations or business connections with Poland. He proves the MAK report and the Lasek/Miller explanation is against the laws of physics. He has until now worked more than 1200 hours investigating the matter.